Monday, July 7, 2014

Vintage Suitcase Redo

Hi All,

Now onto part two of my display props.  Take a glimpse at this beauty:

I already stripped the inside of it's maroon silky lining fabric.  And this is what it looked like under that:

It was a real pain to get it clean on the inside.  I tried scraping it with an ice scraper and anything sharp really, which worked a little.

I thought "Hmm, maybe I'll wet it'.  It helped a little.  Then that brown adhesive started to turn all goopy and apple-sauce consistency-like on me.  It was disgusting.  It took awhile to get everything out too.  I got fed up and hosed the thing down in the backyard. Scrape, hose, scrape, hose.

I'd like to show you what it looks like now:

I painted it all white first.  Then the inside got a nice yellow and pink treatment.  The outside is modpodged with a nice fabric from a duvet I got from the thrift store.  

Concerning the metal ware; I should have spray painted that first, then painted everything.  Since I didn't, I thought I could Rub 'n' Buff them silver.  Well Rub 'n' buff is not sold here in Canada (or at least around where I live).  I had some chrome spray paint and I sprayed it into a container and used a paintbrush to brush it on.  I did the same with the handle (white spray paint).  The metal parts and handle are not flawless but anything compared to what it was is an improvement.

A sneak peak into some of my merchandise; pillow and coasters:

Well, that's it for the display props.  Now on to make more merchandise.


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Display Frame

Hi All,

Wow, a whole month has passed already?  Well, in that month I've been busy working on a couple display items.  They will be used to display some of my merchandise at craft shows. 

Today I'll just show the frame.  It was the ugliest thing I bought for $8 at the thrift store.

How adorable is that kitty?  Yeah, not so.  But now check it out.

I'm going to use it to display some of my hoops on S-hooks, like so:

 Basically to break it down, what I did was, paint it white, then a couple coats of blue paint.  Then I used polyurethane to protect it.  I didn't have the traditional chicken wire, which is what I would have preferred but had this wire stuff.  I cut it to fit, and stapled it.

I screwed a couple Ikea shelf brackets I also found at the thrift store.  In order to make it lean, I screwed it about an inch from the bottom.

And, voila.  That's it for this prop.  I'll be back to share the other prop later. 



Monday, May 26, 2014

It's a Hard Rug Life

Hi All,

So what do you do when you have a bunch of kids stained and stretched clothing?  You make a rug of course.

I followed this great tutorial.   So with all the clothing I hoarded, I cut up into tiny pieces. 

It was actually quite soothing to cut all those rectangles.  I did this while watching some of my favourite shows.  So although it was time consuming, it was enjoyable.

I then placed the lines as-per-the-tutorial on a blackout curtain backing.  Totally miscalculating how much rectangles I had.

So although I had only enough fabric to make half of what I intended,  I plan on finishing it.  More hoarding in my future I suppose. 

But for now I think I'll keep it a square until I can cut up another 1,400 rectangles.

Now when I look at that rug I see a green dress that my oldest wore until it was stained, or leggings that my girls wore until holes grew bigger in the knees, and a "Daddy's Little Fishing Buddy" tee that my son loved even though we don't fish.

You know you've become consumed by a craft when you walk down the street and see a lady walking by with a colourful top and you think to yourself "Hmm, that would make an excellent rug".

Make It and Love It

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Oh Happy Colours!

Hi All,

Just wanted to share some fabric I ordered from Mad About Patchwork.  They're a Canadian company based in Ottawa, which made for speedy delivery.  I ordered Monday morning and it was delivered by Friday!  

I ordered the fabric stash bundles in purple, pink, orange, yellow and blue. 

It was very difficult to pick out my favourites.  I can't wait to start sewing with them! I also ordered some fusible interfacing and fusible fleece.  I have many projects to share, if I could only get to them! 

Let's take one last look:


Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday Snack

Hi All,

Happy/Sad Good Friday to you.  We made our "Crown of Thorns" snack today. Since this is the second year we did this I'm now going to call it our Good Friday tradition.  It's super delicious.  The kids look forward to it (as do I) and they're gobbled up in no time.  Of course it's a good opportunity to talk about Good Friday.  Why not do that while they're baking?


2 1/2 cups   All-purpose flour
3 tsp            Baking Pwd
4 tsp            Sugar
1 tsp            Salt
1 1/3 cup     Milk
2 Tbs          Melted Butter or Margarine

1. Mix dry ingredients together.  
2. Stir in the milk.
3. Knead to make the dough.  Add more flour if it's sticky.
4. Roll out into 10"X12" square.
5. Cut into 24, 10" long pieces. 
6. Follow directions for the crowns, or just bake them like soft breadsticks.
7. Place on a greased baking sheet (or use a Silpat liner) and brush them with melted butter.  Add sea salt (optional).
8. Bake @ 450 for 10-12 min.

Once you have your sticks cut you can either gather 3 strands and braid or 2-3 strands and twist them.

Form it into a ring.

Use scissors to cut the thorns.  Use the scissors or your fingers to push them upright as much as you can as the thorns may droop a little while baking and you won't notice them as much.

 Place them on your sheet and brush them with butter and salt.  Bake them like the recipe states.

Makes 8-12 depending on if you use the two or three strand method. Be cautious with little ones eating this since the thorns may be too pointy for them.  You may even not want to cut thorns and just bake them twisted or braided.

Hope you have a happy and Holy Easter.


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